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Switchboard Upgrades

Looking to upgrade your property’s switchboard? Look no further than First Choice Electrical, your switchboard upgrade specialists.

Your switchboard is critical to your property’s electrical distribution. But with the growing need for modern electrical appliances and devices, outdated switchboards simply can’t keep up. By upgrading your switchboard, you can reduce the risk of electric shock (or worse) or fire due to short circuits.

At First Choice Electrical, we offer switchboard upgrade services for residential, commercial, and strata properties. Our team of experienced and licenced electricians will ensure your switchboard is compliant with the latest safety regulations and provide upgrades if necessary.

Do You Need To Upgrade?

Wondering if your switchboard needs an upgrade? Watch out for common signs such as flickering lights, overcrowding, blackened fuses, old wiring, frequent tripping, burning smells, buzzing noises, or a lack of RCD safety switches.

All of these are tell-tale signs that your existing switchboard may not be up to scratch, and it’s time to bring in the experts for a look. We’ll quickly be able to determine if it’s repairable, or it’s time for an upgrade.

Straightforward Process

Selecting an electrical contractor has become an important decision in recent years as there are more and more unqualified and unlicensed operators in NSW. 

We are a dedicated team of electricians who are fully committed to the highest professional quality of workmanship and service. Our accreditation with Master Electricians Australia demonstrates our commitment to the quality of our workmanship and consideration of the Australian Standards.

Our switchboard upgrade process is straightforward. Our team will inspect your electrical system, recommend the best solution for your requirements, and provide an upfront and fixed price quote for the switchboard replacement. Once you approve, we will schedule a convenient time for the upgrade.

Get in Touch

Please get in touch for an obligation free quote and expert advice on what might be your best options to get your upcoming electrical job done properly, by one of our highly qualified electricians.