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Starlink Installation

If you’ve been frustrated with your Internet Service with slow download speeds, or the service constantly not living up to expectations, then join the thousands of Australians who have made the switch to Starlink.

What Is Starlink?

Operated by parent company Space X (think Elon Musk of Tesla fame), they provide satellite based Internet services across the globe. To date, they have more than 4,000 satellites in orbit dedicated to providing super fast broadband for their customers.

These low orbit satellites mean faster and more reliable Internet, with low ping speeds (important if you are a gamer). Currently there are no download limits for consumers.

Do You Supply The Hardware?

We don’t supply the dish and wireless router, and that is something that you purchase when you sign up with Starlink. It’s a one-off fee, and you then own the hardware.

When you engage us to fit your Starlink service, we will provide any other hardware required, such as a roof top mount for the satellite dish.

Seamless Installation

We’ll be able to mount your new Starlink satellite dish on your roof (providing there are no obstacles that may effect signal strength), and run any cables through your roof or wall cavity when practicable. It’s quite similar to having a traditional TV aerial installed.

The dish will connect to the wireless router with a 30m cable that is supplied with your Starlink hardware purchase. We’ll place this router in an appropriate place inside your home or office. If also required, we can assist integration into your existing home network.

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